Terms and Conditions for Buy now section

1) "Buy now" is a part of Philaton website where you can purchase items directly from seller without bidding at auction.

2) To buy in this section buyer does not need to be a Philaton member. However, Philaton strongly recommends registering as it makes all order submission process easier and entitles buyers to use all Philaton.com services.

3) Privacy policy: the personal information buyers submit will be strictly confidential and will only be provided to seller in order to contact buyers regarding items being sold at this website. Information provided by not registered buyers who eventually submit orders at Buy now section will be stored and may be used by Philaton.com for specific promotions of its services only. In any case this information will be transferred to others but the seller in possession of the requested lots.

4) Philaton will take buyer's "Buy now" order and transfer it to the seller who is offering the material. From that moment on, transaction continues between buyer and seller only.

6) Seller will contact buyer stating specific payment methods accepted and delivery costs. If buyer does not agree with some point of seller's policy must communicate it immediately in order to reach an agreement or cancel the order. Otherwise, transaction will be considered an unpaid purchase where buyer is not honouring commitments (see number 7).

5) Items will only be deleted from list when buyer completes payment and seller informs Philaton about this matter. As a consequence, all orders have to be CONFIRMED by seller as some items listed may already be reserved for other buyer that submitted an order previously.

7) Buyer agrees to honour all his commitments in full and in a timely manner. Sellers are entitled to inform Philaton about any unpaid purchases. This may produce the immediate suspension of buyer's membership privileges and no further orders may be taken into consideration on all other services on our site. Also notice of this behaviour may be made to the trade.


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